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The *new* 2600online.com is a fan page dedicated to the Atari 2600. Many of the most popular and least heard-of 2600 games can be found here. Click Play Games to see a list. Have fun!

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Summer Games - 08/10/2012

With the London Olympics closing in two days, I thought it would be appropriate to show off Summer Games for the Atari 2600. It was written by Epyx in 1987 and is a conversion of their popular Summer Games computer series. Click here to give it a try!

Atari Commerical from 1981 - 7/22/2012

Yet another Atari commercial. This one is from 1981 and shows a few of some well known Atari 2600 games. See if you can name them (shouldn't be too hard)!

Atari Commerical from 1982 - 7/14/2012

This video is a 2 minute commerical that was shown in movie theaters in 1982. It features Yars' Revenge, Asteroids and Star Raiders. I remember seeing this commerical just before Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan! The commercial was created by Abel and Associates.

Game of the Week - 7/3/2012

Missile Command
(Click here to play the game)

Battlezone was created by Atari and was programmed by Rob Fulop.

Missile Command was ported to the Atari 2600. The game's instruction manual describes a war between two planets: Zardon (the defending player) and Krytol. The original arcade game contains no reference to these worlds. On level 13, if the player uses all of his or her missiles without scoring any points, at the end of the game the city on the right will turn into "RF" — the initials of the programmer Rob Fulop. This Easter egg is originally documented in Atari Age (Volume 1, Issue 2) in a letter to the editor by Joseph Nickischer, and is the second one publicly acknowledged by Atari.

Game of the Week - 6/14/2012

(Click here to play the game)

Battlezone was created by Atari and released in 1983.

The year is 1999, and the nations of the earth have declared a world-wide peace plan. But there is a problem with the proposed truce. A council of military commanders has unleashed battalions of automated weapons into the countryside. These aerial fighters, flying saucers, tanks, and supertanks will turn the world into a lifeless landscape unless you can stop them. Luckily, you've discovered an old military tank hidden inside the museum. Use your Joystick to steer the tank as you search for enemy automatons. Since your electronic periscope only gives you a front view from the tank, you'll have to rely heavily on your radar screen to detect the enemy. If you see a blip on the radar, you need to move fast! Use your Joystick to turn your tank until the enemy appears on the screen; press the red controller button to fire your turret gun.

Game of the Week - 6/6/2012

(Click here to play the game)

Seaquest was published by Activision in 1983 and was created by Steve Cartwright.

Seaquest is a submarine combat game in which the player controls a water vessel and must avoid, collect, or destroy various objects at different levels of depth. The player must pick up divers under water and must get air from the surface before the air meter drains out.

Game of the Week - 5/28/2012


(Click here to play the game)

Adventure was published by Atari in 1979 and was created by Warren Robinett

The player's goal is simply to find the enchanted chalice and return it to the gold castle. The player character, represented by a square, explores a multi-screen landscape containing castles, mazes, and various rooms. Hidden throughout the world are a sword, keys to unlock each of the three castles (gold, black, and white), a magic bridge which allows the player to travel through a wall, and a magnet which will pull any of these objects toward it.

Game of the Week - 5/21/2012

Conquest of Mars
Click here to play the game)

Conquest of Mars is an original Atari 2600 homebrew game published by AtariAge: http://www.atariage.com.

In the year 4014, the planet Earth and the planet Mars are locked in a century-long war. The Martians have devised a plan to destroy Earth using the power from their latest weapon: the Destructo-Bomb!! The Martian forces have managed to construct five bombs and have placed them deep inside the Martian Caverns, awaiting the final command from their leader to attack!!! Do you have the skill to navigate to the depths of the Martian caverns, active the Destructo-Bombs, and escape before they explode? Good Luck!

Conquest of Mars is an accurate translation to the Atari 2600 of a popular Atari 8-bit computer title. Destroy the Martian rebellion by descending through the six caverns of Mars to activate the main energy reactors and escape to the surface before they blow up! Do you have the skill and quick reflexes required to descend into the Martian depths without being annihilated? And once you reach the bottom, can you make it out alive?

Features: * 1 or 2 Players * 4 Skill Levels * Pause Feature * Uses joystick controller * Hi-Score * 6 Different Stages * 6 Caverns